Press Release Marketing – Press Release Marketing Strategies Revealed by Greg Writer.
Pump Up Your Profits with Press Releases

Putting your website up and optimizing it is critical. Once it’s up and running you need a system to get the word out and drive new traffic to your site! If your business has an online presence, a PR strategy that positions your business in the spotlight is essential. PR and Marketing Executive, Eric Yaverbaum recommends that to build your brand you must, “Light a fire that starts everywhere.”

Would you like to be featured on the major news wire services like CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, etc.?

At IOW, we are hard at work designing various PR programs that will help you light that fire with the media.

Sites like PRWeb, PRNewsWire, and MarketWire will charge you anywhere from $149 – $400 to deliver ONE of your press releases using their premium service. However, they will NOT write it for you. We will.

Please let us know which of the following packages you would most be interested in taking advantage of and we’ll follow up with all the details of how you can get involved.

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